Ashley :D


How can you not like Ozzy Osbourne?



Went out and bought a can of pineapple juice cuz Waka said it’d make my cum taste better

too bad your sock doesn’t have taste buds



  • I need a throat tattoo.
  • Everyone is as horny, if not more so, as I am.
  • The quantitative beauty of a woman is directly related to how miserable/depressed she is. This is to say that the more objectively beautiful said woman is (i.e. measurable by number of anon’s she gets praising her…
Woke up pretty bummed out ‘cus I’d missed the lunar eclipse. Lucky for me, I also woke up to a video of the moon from Ricky, ‘cus he knew I’d wanted us to see it together, and was definitely going to sleep through it. How did I land this dude?


Yup 😏